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Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Marshall, TX by Advantage Building Services

A clean and tidy place of business has many advantages. When your store or office is clean, it gives a welcoming atmosphere that potential customers or clients will love. First impressions are very important, especially when it comes to businesses. 

Think about it: you only want to do business with someone you can trust, and a tidy place of business makes your company look more trustworthy to your clients. 

Your workforce also benefits from a clean workplace. They spend a good portion of their day in the workplace, and a clean workplace can certainly contribute to the happiness and productivity of your employees. 

In Marshall, TX, which is considered to be the ‘Pottery Capital of the World’, you can trust Advantage Building Services for all your commercial cleaning and janitorial services needs. Advantage Building Services (ABS) was founded in 1996 by two people who believed in the idea of offering high-quality custodial and floor care services at fair prices. We cater to small and big businesses and everything in between. We have become so good at we do that a lot of customers trust us with their cleaning and janitorial needs. The fact that we clean 2.2 million square feet of floor space every day is a testament to that. 

Services Offered by Advantage Building Services

In and around East Texas, homes and businesses trust ABS for their janitorial and cleaning needs. We have served churches, call centers, multi-tenant offices, daycare centers, museums, manufacturing facilities, banks, municipal buildings, industrial buildings, schools, and much more. 

Our services include the following:

  • Commercial Floor Cleaning - Make a great first impression to your first-time visitors and potential customers by having well-cleaned floors. We clean carpets and offer floor polishing, stripping, waxing, as well as tile and grout cleaning. We can also help you if your floors ever suffer water damage.

  • Construction Cleanup - Let’s face it. Construction sites are not easy to clean. After all the construction work has been done, there’s still a lot of cleanup work yet to be finished. For construction companies, it makes sense to work with specialized cleaning companies for quick and efficient construction clean-up. 

  • Janitorial Services - We are the experts in janitorial services. We will keep your commercial property spotless, your floors immaculate, and your indoor air pure, that your customers and employers will be satisfied. We know how to clean your commercial property so we don’t intrude on your day-to-day operation. 

  • Window Cleaning - Windows play a crucial role in all buildings. They provide a nice view for your customers and employees, they protect the inside of your building from inclement weather, and they can even make your indoor space appear bigger. We are well-trained and well-equipped to handle even the most challenging window cleaning tasks. 

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