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Schools Cleaning Service in Longview & Tyler, TX

As someone who runs a learning institution, you know the health and safety of your students comes first. You do everything in your power to keep the school grounds safe and clean to avoid accidents and prevent contagious illnesses from spreading.

That is an impossible task, however. Even with a standout custodial crew, there is no way to keep all nooks and crannies of your property clean on a 24/7/365 basis.

Every school setting includes dozens of students spread over a large campus that holds multiple daily activities. As soon as one auditorium, cafeteria or classroom is cleaned after hosting an event, another group of students or teachers is headed to the same venue for another get-together that will require another cleaning session. It's a never-ending cycle.    

The best way to keep pace with your constant cleaning needs is to contact Advantage Building Services and hire a crew of trained professionals to assist at your school in the Greater Longview and Tyler, Texas areas.

Keep Your School Environment Safe and Clean

Because of the unique mix of adults and children under the same roof, the requirements for excellent and affordable janitorial services in a school environment is different from what is needed to properly maintain a bank, manufacturing facility or law office. At Advantage Building Services, we understand the difference in handing the cleaning needs for a wide variety of industries throughout East Texas, including your school. 

For years, we have met the cleaning challenge for multiple businesses in our local communities. We will do the same when your custodians need extra hands to keep your school safe and clean before, during or after extracurricular events.

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Cleaning Plans Suited to Your School

We’re committed to make our cleaning services accessible to everyone, so we designed our methods to suit the needs of your school. This means that not only are we going to do general cleaning, but we can also disinfect and sanitize the entire building.

By incorporating these procedures into our services, we can eliminate harmful germs, bacteria and viruses. We will help your school meet any Federal or State sanitation standards. In addition to general- and deep-cleaning services, we feature other specialized services that translate well to a school environment. These include:

We’re highly trained to handle large-scale messes, so you can count on us to make your school grounds spotless after high-profile events or activities.

Call Advantage Building Services to help Your School in Longview and Tyler, TX

Every business needs a helping hand in the cleaning department once in a while. That's where Advantage Building Services comes in.
Contact us at 903-206-2924 to enlist a crew of skilled professionals to keep your school safe and clean. Our customer service representatives will be happy to provide a free estimate. ABC serves commercial properties in the Greater Longview and Tyler, Texas areas.


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