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Coronavirus Cleaning in Tyler & Longview, TX

Coronavirus Cleaning in Tyler & Longview, TX

The importance of keeping your workplace clean and safe during the ongoing pandemic cannot be overstated. And while your regular maintenance staff may be able to handle some of the work, they may not have the specific skills needed to adequately sanitize the area.

That said, Advantage Building Services offers two types of coronavirus cleaning methods in cities across East Texas, including Jacksonville, Waskom, White Oak, Tyler, and Longview. The first type is a general cleaning approach designed to prevent the spread of pathogens. This process entails the use of EPA-certified and hospital-grade disinfectants to target commonly touched surfaces in any given location.

Meanwhile, the second type of cleaning is more thorough, as it is meant for areas that have confirmed or suspected cases of infection. For this process, a highly specialized team with experience treating contaminated environments will clean and wet down surfaces with an EPA-approved disinfectant. Once this is done, the area will be further sanitized using a fogging disinfectant.

As for the types of surfaces we treat, the most common ones include office equipment, conference tables, and desktops. We also clean bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, and countertops. We also make sure to sanitize light switches, doors frames, door handles, and other high-touch surfaces.

Whatever you need, you can count on Advantage Building Services to provide you with effective cleaning and disinfection services.

We Offer Coronavirus Cleaning for All Types of Businesses

We provide cleaning and janitorial services in various areas in East Texas and have been doing so since 1996. We’ve served small businesses as well as large establishments in multiple locations. Our clientele includes:

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For your peace of mind, you can rely on Advantage Building Services for thorough cleaning and disinfection services in Gilmer, Tyler, Judson, and other areas in East Texas. Besides our coronavirus cleaning services, we also provide general janitorial services, commercial floor cleaning services, and construction cleanup services. To learn more about our cleaning services, call us at 903-206-2924 or send us a message through our Contact Us page. That said, we encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can accommodate your desired schedule. Additionally, while we follow best practices as recommended by local and federal health authorities, it is important to note that no cleaning company can provide a 100 percent guarantee regarding virus removal or re-infection prevention.


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