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Are You Cleaning for Health or Appearance?

Cleaning for Health or Appearance

Hiring a janitorial service will keep your workplace clean. The temporary custodial crews can even save you money because you won’t have to hire full-time employees or buy your own equipment. But is your cleaning company doing all it can to keep your workplace healthy, as well as clean?

A spotless, healthy workplace can maximize the production of your employees, but only if your chosen cleaning company does their job. Some cleaning companies focus only on the appearance of cleanliness rather than on making sure that your office is free of pathogens and bacteria.

The Difference Between Cleaning for Appearance vs. Health

When your cleaning company focuses on appearance only, you will find that beneath some items in your office are traces of untouched dirt. These companies tend to focus only on what is visible rather than on actually removing all traces of dirt from the premises. They use cleaning agents that merely remove surface residue instead of actually killing bacteria.

You will also find that when your chosen cleaning company is focused more on cleaning for appearance, bathrooms are not given as much attention as they should. This will be evident in the presence of mold growth, foul odors, and unclean surfaces in these bathrooms. Bathrooms must be cleaned regularly, often multiple times in a single day.

When cleaning is done more for appearance than health, nooks and crannies still harbor germs and surfaces contain bacteria that could make employees sick. Even when your workplace looks spotless, you may have a cleaning company that focuses more on cleaning for appearance rather than on cleaning for health.

Choose Advantage Building Services to Ensure You Get Both

Finding the right janitorial service that will not cut corners is essential. You want both a clean and healthy workplace for your employees. In Longview & Tyler, TX, the cleaning company you can trust to do this is Advantage Building Services. In addition to office cleaning and window cleaning, you can also trust in us to help you keep your carpets clean, polish your floors, and keep your tiles and grout from looking dingy.

Don’t settle for surface clean when you can have the kind of clean that removes contaminants and germs at the same time. We can help you achieve this kind of clean today. Simply contact us at 903-206-2924 to schedule an assessment.



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