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Indoor Air Quality & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Indoor Air Quality & Commercial Carpet CleaningCarpeting is one of the most popular flooring choices around. It makes your office space look clean and crisp while giving those who enter a comfortable surface to walk on. Unfortunately, it is also one of the flooring types that gathers a lot of dirt and allergens if not cleaned regularly and properly.

Carpeting is also a cause for worry by those who suffer from respiratory ailments since the dust and other allergens that it gathers and hides can actually trigger an attack. When people walk on carpeting, it not only traps the dirt from their shoes. It also releases the dust particles that have already settled on the carpet, which can then be inhaled by anyone nearby.

Air Quality Can Be Adversely Affected by a Dirty Carpet

A dirty carpet is not something you want in your office. Not only will it make your office look unprofessional, but it can spread germs that cause your workers to get sick. To ensure that your carpet does not look shabby or create health risks, you should have it cleaned daily with the use of a vacuum cleaner.

But using only a vacuum cleaner will not remove the deep-seated dirt that has been ground into the carpet with the regular traffic it receives. What’s worse is that vacuuming actually dislodges fine dust particles, releasing it into the air and causing the deterioration of indoor air quality.

This can be bad for people who suffer from asthma and other similar respiratory ailments. The removal of deep-seated dirt in your carpet and the proper cleaning of your carpet by professionals is a must if you want to avoid people getting sick. It is also one way you can ensure that air quality in your office remains clean and particulate free.

Professional Carpet Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

The reason why professional carpet cleaning helps with indoor air quality is twofold. First, it helps remove dirt and dust which can be released in the air From your carpet effectively. Second, professional carpet cleaning companies in Longview & Tyler, TX, like Advantage Building Services, use the right cleaning agents for this. These cleaning agents do not produce toxic fumes as carpets dry, which also have an adverse effect on indoor air quality.

Advantage Building Services has the manpower and equipment to improve your indoor air quality. We also offer commercial floor cleaning, window cleaning, and janitorial services to ensure that your office is spotless and free of contaminants that can make people sick. To find out what other cleaning services we have for you and your business, just contact us at 903-206-2924 today. We also offer home cleaning services and construction cleanup for our customers throughout East Texas.


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