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About Advantage Building Services

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Advantage Building Services was founded in 1996 by two local gentlemen who believed that East Texas would benefit from a company that offered high quality custodial and floor care services at a fair market value. For more than two decades, this company has been doing just that. ABS has serviced and continues to provide facility maintenance services for units ranging in size from a few hundred square feet to businesses with multiple locations totaling thousands of square feet with a large number of employees. Our service area has remained the same. Our mission has not changed. We have been able to provide dependable service while supporting our community financially by serving on local boards, rolling up our sleeves and pitching in on a number of volunteer efforts.



ABS has never been a very large company but we have been able to be competitive in the marketplace by adhering to a philosophy that our customers seem to appreciate. That philosophy is one in which we strongly believe that, as a business in this community, we need to do what we can to give back to the area where we derive our revenue. To that end, we hire local individuals who spend the money they earn from us in the very same community and neighborhoods where they live. We also buy our products from a local supplier instead of shopping online to find rock-bottom deals. We know that we have a responsibility to our clients to reduce costs where we can, but we balance that reality with the need to buy local, invest local and be a part of the community where we live and work.

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ABS Today:

Our company grows and shrinks with the amount of revenue we generate, which is in direct proportion to the number of facilities we are able to service. When we take on a new customer, we begin seeking personnel who would be a good fit to service that facility. Our employees are interviewed, drug tested, and checked for criminal activity in their background that might not make them a good candidate to have keys and alarm codes to our customer’s facilities. The people that we hire work for us. We do not sub-contract the work out to individuals so that we can eliminate the expense of Worker’s Compensation, Medicaid, FIT or payments into the Social Security system. Like every business, we have overhead costs but we believe that if we work hard with a high level of honesty, integrity and accountability, we will remain in business for another two decades and continue to provide high-quality service at a fair market price.

Thank you for allowing us an opportunity to share who we are. It is our sincere hope that we will be your service provider as we continue to be “Professionals Cleaning For Health.”


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